Calculus (Barron's College Review Series) by Elliot Gootman Ph.D.

Calculus (Barron's College Review Series)

Book Title: Calculus (Barron's College Review Series)

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 0812098196

Author: Elliot Gootman Ph.D.

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Elliot Gootman Ph.D. with Calculus (Barron's College Review Series)

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This general review covers equations, functions, and graphs; limits, derivatives; integrals and antiderivatives; word problems; applications of integrals to geometry; and much more. Additional features make this volume especially helpful to students working on their own. They include worked-out examples, a summary of the main points of each chapter, exercises, and where needed, background material on algebra, geometry, and reading comprehension.